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The AP32 photogrammetric software for stereo orientation, ATM and DEM measurements was specifically developed for Windows© 95/98/ME and Windows© NT/2000/XP operating systems. AP32 supports the most popular analytic plotters such as the Planicomp P-Series from Z/I Imaging, the SD2000/SD3000 and DSR14 family from L/H Systems, and the earlier Wild AC1, BCx; and Zeiss C1xx, Kerns DSRx and Galileo D40 instruments, provided they are upgraded by Upgrade Kits from SoftMap, Inc. or by the original manufacturer. In addition, AP32 has been recently extended to support 3D display systems, thus providing all the functionality available on analytical plotters in a softcopy environment.


The AP32 photogrammetric software provides you with the capability to measure points and perform the interior, relative and absolute orientations of a stereo pair (stereo orientation). Moreover, it lets you measure, effectively and reliably, points for aerotriangulation projects. AP32 also provides you with the capability of measuring digital elevation models. Specifically, AP32 offers the following features:

AP32 is designed to take advantage of 32-bit processor technology.
AP32 computes automatically whenever it senses a change that influences the computation module.
AP32 user interface is based on Microsoft's popular Windows system.
AP32 makes full use of Windows' graphics capability by displaying the distribution and status of points
AP32 supports a wide variety of analytical plotters with the same user interface and operating procedures
With a 3D display driver installed, AP32 provides all the analytical functionalities in a softcopy environment
Input and editing capabilities with built-in type checking allow for quick and reliable data entry, e.g., for project, model, camera, ground control
Interior, relative and absolute orientation
Aerotriangulation measurement with built-in blunder detection and sophisticated drive-to capability
Digital elevation measurement including grid and several profiling options
Generation of ASCII files for all data relevant to the user
Import/Export support of data formats for various aerotriangulation and DEM programs
Support of data exchange formats such as PEX files to bring in models orientated on other plotters and softcopy systems

AP32 System Requirements:

AP32 photogrammetric software is built to run on any Windows© 95/98/ME and Windows© NT/2000/XP PC systems. A minimum system consists of:

Pentium II processor, 200 MHz or better is recommended.

32 Mbyte memory, ½ Gbyte hard-disk.
Minimum 800 x 600 resolution graphics (SVGA) and color monitor, 1024 x 768 is recommended.
Mouse and one serial line for analytical plotter connection.

Supported Plotters:

The AP32 software communicates to the plate processor of the analytical plotter using either the SD2000 protocol (L/H Systems) or the P-protocol (Z/I Imaging). The following systems are supported:

KDSP digital stereo plotter
Aviolyt AC1, BC1, BC2 and BC3 analytical plotters if upgraded with SoftMap's Upgrade Kit or with the LMT interface.
Zeiss C1xx analytical plotters if upgraded with SoftMap's Upgrade Kit or with P2 interface.
Kern DSRx analytical plotters if upgraded with SoftMap's Upgrade Kit or with the LMT interface.
IMA analytical plotters if upgraded by Dat/Em Systems International or with the P2 interface.
SD2000 and SD3000 family of analytical plotters from L/H Systems.
Z/I Imaging P-Series analytical plotters, including P1, P2, P3, and P33.
Kern DSR14 analytical plotters with LMT interface.

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