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The upgrade kits offer the ability to upgrade AC1, BC1, BC2, BC3, DSRx, Zeiss C1xx and Galileo D40 analytical plotters to current technology by replacing the Nova 4/X or DG 30, LSI-11 and HP 1000 minicomputers with the plate processor. The stereoviewers and the reliable electronics control remain unchanged. This economical solution protects the original investment in the instrument, allows easy installation, and is compatible with existing maintenance procedures. The plate processor fits perfectly into the cabinet of the BC1, BC2, and C1xx analytical plotters, or can simply be placed in the rear of the instrument.

The upgraded systems are connected by a serial line to the host mapping (application) computer (PC or workstation). The communication is based on either the L/H LMT protocol or the Z/I P-protocol. This assures complete compatibility between the upgraded systems and the current analytical plotter lines of L/H Systems and Z/I Imaging. In other words, the upgraded instruments behave like SD2000/3000 and P-series analytical plotters and all the mapping programs available on SD2000/3000 and P-series analytical plotters can be used without any modifications.



Plate processor

Basic PC system without peripheries (black box), 2(3)
Intel 80486/66MHz or Pentium processor.
2(3) Parallel I/O boards for the instrument cable connection.
Real-time software, providing the basic functionality of analytical plotters (maintain stereo-model, measuring, and drive-to functions, host communication)
Instrument cable connects the plate processor to the P13 connector or interface board for Aviolyt, DSR systems and to the St10 and St11 connectors on Zeiss C1xx plotters, respectively.


Communication between the application or host computer and the real-time processor is based on the LMT protocol for the Aviolyt, DSR systems and on the P?protocol for Zeiss C1xx instruments. This assures the highest compatibility between the SD2000/3000 plotter line and the Zeiss P-series plotter family. The plate processor supports baud rates up to 19,200.
The real-time loop rate of existing systems is maintained, which results in extremely smooth plate motions.
To perform basic photogrammetric orientation and data measurement tasks, SoftMap's AP32 Stereo Orientation, ATM and DTM Measurement Program provides complete solutions in Windows© 95/98/ME and Windows© NT/2000/XP PC environment. Or use any other orientation packages of your choice.
Total user flexibility in selecting and configuring the host mapping program and environment. Use any of the widely used packages such as Atlas, AutoCAD, CADMAP, DAT/EM Capture, KDMS, MicroStation, PCPRO600, VrOne, etc.


Simple procedure, can be carried out by customer:

Remove rear panel of electronics cabinet and unplug Nova 4/X, DG 30, or HP 1000 cable
Plug upgrade cable into the same connector socket(s);
Connect serial line cable to host (application) computer.


Included in the cost of the upgrade kit is a 6-month warranty. If a problem is diagnosed, the upgrade kit will be replaced at no cost.


Since the viewer system and the electronics control remain unchanged L/H Systems, Z/I Imaging, and third-party providers continue to offer service of the instruments.

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