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Analytical plotter instrument upgrades

The upgrade kits offer the ability to upgrade AC1, BC1, BC2, BC3, DSRx, Zeiss C1xx and Galileo D40 analytical plotters to current technology by replacing the Nova 4/X or DG 30, LSI-11 and HP 1000 minicomputers with the plate processor. The stereoviewers and the reliable electronics control remain unchanged. This economical solution protects the original investment in the instrument, allows easy installation, and is compatible with existing maintenance procedures. The plate processor fits perfectly into the cabinet of the BC1, BC2, and C1xx analytical plotters, or can simply be placed in the rear of the instrument.

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Ap32 Photogrammetric software
The AP32 photogrammetric software for stereo orientation, ATM and DEM measurements was specifically developed for Windows© 95/98/ME and Windows© NT/2000/XP operating systems. AP32 supports the most popular analytic plotters such as the Planicomp P-Series from Z/I Imaging, the SD2000/SD3000 and DSR14 family from L/H Systems, and the earlier Wild AC1, BCx; and Zeiss C1xx, Kerns DSRx and Galileo D40 instruments, provided they are upgraded by Upgrade Kits from SoftMap, Inc. or by the original manufacturer. In addition, AP32 has been recently extended to support 3D display systems, thus providing all the functionality available on analytical plotters in a softcopy environment.

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Digital camera Data acquisition software
The SMDigCam real-time data acquisition software was developed to support the MegaPlus 16.8i digital camera from Roper Scientific. The camera is based on Kodak technology and is built around the KAF 16800, a 4,096 by 4,096 CCD chip, which is available if monochrome and color versions. The pixel size is 9 x 9 micron, and the focal plane sensor area is 36.86 mm by 36.86 mm. The highest data acquisition rate is about 2 FPS. The camera equipped with Rolleiflex medium format PQS series lenses, which offers high-quality optics and in between lens shutter, is ideal for demaning applications such as airborne mapping.

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New release of AP32

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